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When I first spoke to Amy with Simplified Living, I had used other organizers before, but the time she took to assess my situation was what most impressed me.  She asked great questions about work habits and other time challenges and really saw the clutter as more of a symptom rather than the problem.  Her plan of attack was very well thought out and most importantly she put systems in place so that past mistakes would not be repeated and new habits would be formed.

The experience at the office had been so satisfying that I also hired Amy to clear out a large finished attic.  These two experiences have really changed the way I look at what I bring in to my home and office and made it much easier to prioritize what is most important.

W. Juren


Amy Volk is an amazing guide for those who have lost their organizational way.  Amy does not offer a “one size fits all” solution for everyone.  What she does  is spend some time talking to you and finding out what your needs are (she is a wiz a figuring out what you need even  when you don’t know what you need). Amy is able to figure out what level of organization you can handle and creates a plan from there.  I have personally benefited from her wisdom and kindness and so have about 25 insurance agents that I work with.  Amy has created a new culture in our office that helps us manage the way we do business.

Frieden Agency-Marcia Brodie

As I look around my house now, I find I’m still surprised sometimes by the calm and peace. Having my house organized has freed me up to enjoy my life more fully, without the distraction of clutter waiting to be handled. For me, Simplified Living has been a gift that I’m glad I finally gave to myself.


M. Deutsch

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