Simplify Your Home

We can guarantee two things:

You will LOVE your home again.

AND you will begin living well in it.

Living well. That’s our greatest desire for you. If your home has become cluttered, disorganized and a source of stress, it’s time to get simplified. Our organizing solutions don’t just address the mess and disorder, we uncover your organizing style, your obstacles in maintaining order, and implement a plan made just for you.

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Pick the package that fits you best. We’ll do the rest. Start living well.

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Get Started Package

Refocus Package

Jump Start Package

Live With Clarity Package

If you want to get organized now, but don’t know where to start, this package is for you!

With a quick assessment to start, our team will dive right into your clutter and piles and get you started in bringing order and calm to your home.

Our team will spend up to 3 hours with you to make a visible impact and reduce the clutter in any area of your home.

This is for those desiring a monthly dose of Simplified Living organizing and de-cluttering. A half-day each month is filled with support and implementation from the Simplified Living organization experts. We’ll work together to keep you focused, organized and clutter-free. Each session will be filled with practical tips, expert advice and hands-on implementation that will ensure you maintain your commitment to living a simplified life!

This package is for you if you are serious about de-cluttering your home or office and committed to making simplified living a way of life!

With hands-on organizing, our team will begin creating systems specifically designed for you.

We help you discover your style of organizing, create custom tailored systems to meet your needs, and implement simple and effective strategies help you get a jump start toward simplicity!

This is for you if you are tired of failed systems and good intentions and you are ready to rely on a team of experts who understand exactly what you are going through.

We will help you de-clutter, organize and simplify your life!

Our clients tell us that this investment in their home or office “simply transformed the way they think about ‘stuff’” and brought a sense of peace and joy back into their homes. Our team will spend four half-days with you to completely transform your space.

3 Hour session with an organizer One session a month Two days of organizing with our team Four days of organizing with our team


Let’s check out your home. We will bring our fancy assessment sheet and spend about an hour asking you lots of questions and taking a look around. Once we see it all, we will help you decide what Simplified Living package is right for your needs. Simple is just around the corner.


What happens after the assessment? We find the right solution for you. Organizing can be about making your stuff fit into cute containers, but we are less interested in perfection and more about helping you change how you live. Change that makes a difference. Change that lasts.


After working with hundreds of clients, we understand that the right solution for you is customized just for you. We uncover your organizing style, the way you come and go in your home, and simplify your systems. After all, there is only one you.


*We will consult and coordinate any additional services needed, such as handyman, painter, etc.

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